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Testimony Tuesday 1/3 

Thank you GOD for my family. Thank you GOD for parents that raised us, forcing us to get to know YOU. YOU have brought my family through so much over the years. YOU have taught us that Cancer, Drugs, Leukemia, Automobile accidents, Alcohol, nor anything else is too big for YOU. YOU have blessed my family to all be in service for YOU. My parents work hard in the church, Loretta (my oldest sister) is married to a preacher, I travel in music ministry and preach, Lamar (my younger brother) is a preacher, and…

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Testimony Tuesday 12/20 

I received a call from a young man, that had been to one of my concerts, asking if I would care to meet with him and his wife the next time I was in South Carolina. I told him that I currently did not have anything on the books for South Carolina. I asked if he wanted to possibly meet me somewhere in the following week. We scheduled a time to meet in Anderson SC. 

When we met, he told me that both he and his wife had rededicated their lives to JESUS at one of my concerts a few months ago. He said that they…

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Testimony Tuesday 12/13 

For those of you that know me, you know that I don’t like to have anyone touch my face or hair. Well, the other night some friends and I from Emory Hospital in Atlanta were handing out blankets, toboggans, gloves, etc., to the homeless. I was wrapped up with a heavy jacket and a scarf, but was completely frozen. I was careful to not say anything about being cold simply because I would be getting in my warm car shortly and the people that we were helping would soon be lying on the cold ground to sleep…

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Testimony Tuesday 12/6 

 7 years ago this week, I was in the hardest battle of my entire Christian walk. There were days that I wasn't even able to crawl out of bed, and certainly wouldn't leave the house for days at a time. 6 months earlier, I had made a commitment to perform some Christmas carols for underprivileged children on December 4, (Friday). On that Friday morning a put myself into 'auto-pilot' mode. I headed for the elementary school with a surface smile and a shattered heart. 

Just as I had finished singing my last…

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Testimony Tuesday 11/29 

MERRY CHRISTMAS “just 4 weeks out"! 

In honor of Christmas month, I wanted to share a Christmas song that I wrote a couple of years ago. 

I sat down with a young man, around 24 years of age, and I asked if he was excited about Christmas. He began to share his story with me about how Christmas used to be a very sad time for him because he had no family and had been passed from home to home in Foster Care. But then he began to tell me that one year, just 2 weeks before Christmas, at twelve years of age he…

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God is close to the brokenhearted, And helps those crushed in spirit. - Psalm 34:18 

Yesterday, November 21, 2016, our community confronted a tragedy too difficult to comprehend. A school bus traveling from Woodmore Elementary crashed, resulting in five fatalities, dozens of injuries, countless devastated families, and a community struggling to make sense of it all. 

Our first responders from the Chattanooga Fire Department, Chattanooga Police Department, Hamilton County EMS, and Erlanger Hospital acted…

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Testimony Tuesday 11/22 

 I believe the more we take time to notice, and give thanks for the things (and people) that GOD has blessed us with, we would notice a lot less negativity around us. Philippians 4:8 teaches us that if we want peace in our life, we need to give less thought to the negative things around us and focus more on the good, honest, pure, etc. 

In honor of this teaching, and our nation celebrating Thanksgiving this week, I'm going to ask everyone that reads this "Testimony Tuesday" to please list one thing (or…

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Testimony Tuesday 11/15 

About a year ago (or so), I went to eat with some friends (Jesse Coraggio) at BJ’s Brewhouse in the Indianapolis IN area. While we were eating, a husband, wife and friend came into the restaurant and sat at the table to my right. Well, if you know me at all, then you know I struck up a conversation with them. Chatted a little about what they were ordering, what we had ordered and just stuff. During our talk, I mentioned that I had just gotten my new book "Yes HE Can" back from the publisher and I would love…

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Testimony Tuesday 11/8 

Thank you 
GOD for always loving me through my situations of life! 

I believe, that if we would focus more on what HE has already done for us, we would see even more miracles (health, finances, emotional, marital, etc.) 

Here is the chorus of the song that I wrote a few months back. Always remember that HE knows where you are, and what you are going through. 

GOD sees your tears 
HE feels your pain 
HE knows you've struggled 
through life in many way 
But HE's always brought you through 
GOD already has a plan…

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Testimony Tuesday 11/1 

GOD, thank you for guiding my steps and for allowing me to be a vessel that you are willing to work through. You amaze me on a daily basis. 

Facebook friends, what makes the difference? It is simple. LOVE makes the difference! 1st John 3:14 says, "We know that we have passed from death unto life, because we love the brethren. He that loveth not his brother abideth in death." Who is our brethren? EVERYONE that we meet is our brother or sister. When we take time to love those around us, we are taking on one…

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