Testimony Tuesday 9/13

Several years ago, I was asked if we would come to a very small church in the country. An elderly lady there had heard my testimony on the radio and said that she would love to hear the testimony in person, one day before she passed. She was 94 years old and her health had started failing. The pastor called saying, “I am sure that this is probably out of the question, but would it be possible for you to come to our small church of 12 people? I will take you guys up an offering, but honestly it won’t even be enough to pay your fuel.” He shared with me the story of the elderly lady. Of course, I was excited for the invite and scheduled for the first open Sunday morning. The Sunday morning service was very Spiritually charged and blessed. The little church of 12 people held 85 people that day. They were amazed at the visitors and the willingness for us to come with no money being offered. As the service was ending, the pastor asked everyone to stand and gave them an opportunity to show their love in the form of an offering. This is where the most amazing thing happened. The little elderly lady walked up to the offering plate, and placed a fresh, homemade apple pie on the offering table. She looked over to me and said, “You have no idea how much I have enjoyed today. I am so grateful that you would even consider coming to our little place of worship. I didn’t have any money to give, but yesterday I picked some apples from the tree in my yard, and baked you this apple pie. It is all that I have to give, and I give it with love.” OH MY!! Over the years prior to this, and even the years after, I can honestly say that I have never received a gift with more value. The love that was given with this apple pie, still remains with me 17 years later! GOD, thank you for the heart of this lady. You taught me much from this experience, and for that I am grateful! Thank you, also for showing me that the heart that I witnessed in this lady is the same heart that you have! You have given all that you have, for me! I am amazed by your love! Thank you for choosing me! 

One thing that I have learned over the years is that EVERYONE is looking for love, although some are just looking in the wrong places. Some are looking in sex, drugs, and alcohol, but not being able to fill the void that is so needed. We can certainly make a difference by taking a few moments to reach out and love those around us. The people in our daily paths have been put there by GOD, for HIS purpose. They don’t need our correction, they don't our judgement, they simply need our love. We can offer love and acceptance, focusing on who they are, letting go of where they may have been or even presently may be in their life. LOVE will, not may, but will change everyone! I know this, because HIS love changed me! 

GOD, help us all to expand our love, without borders! Help us to show less of us, and start showing more of YOU! 

Friends, have a great Testimony Tuesday. This day was designed just for you! 

Your friend, 

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