Testimony Tuesday 11/15

About a year ago (or so), I went to eat with some friends (Jesse Coraggio) at BJ’s Brewhouse in the Indianapolis IN area. While we were eating, a husband, wife and friend came into the restaurant and sat at the table to my right. Well, if you know me at all, then you know I struck up a conversation with them. Chatted a little about what they were ordering, what we had ordered and just stuff. During our talk, I mentioned that I had just gotten my new book "Yes HE Can" back from the publisher and I would love to give them a copy, if they would allow me. They gracefully accepted the book and shared that our meeting was most refreshing! 

Moving forward, a year later, to just last week…I received a phone call from that guy and he reminded me of where/when we had met. He said, “I knew that GOD brought us together, but wasn’t actually sure as to why until now. A month ago my wife and I were falsely accused in a very major situation. We had no way of substantiating our alibi with the authorities. Everything we would do or say seemed to cause us even more problems. Our entire world was falling apart and we were gradually losing all faith. Last week, as my wife and I sat down to try and eat dinner, something she said reminded me of you for some reason. I immediately asked my wife for your book and we began reading it again. As we read, I noticed where you said ‘You don’t have to ask GOD twice. Faith is asking HIM once, than trusting HIM and praising HIM even before you see the situation change!’. Immediately we laid the book down and fell to our knees to give GOD thanks for HIM having changed our situation. Both my wife and I began to thank HIM for pulling us through this, even though at this point nothing had changed. Well, we received a phone call today from our attorney and we were told that they found the actual culprit, he was arrested and ALL CHARGES AGAINST US WERE DROPPED!! HE pulled us through again, of course! “ THANK YOU JESUS!! Just before hanging up, he said, “I wanted to call you to let you know that GOD used you for changing us and it all stemmed from you striking up a conversation with those at the table beside you. Thank you for letting HIM use you in the lives of others. We have made a commitment to do the same from this point forward!” 

SO AWESOME! GOD amazes me more and more each day! Thank you GOD for guiding our steps, even when we don’t know it. So thankful! 

Just a simple reminder that GOD needs you and wants you. HE created you as part of the master plan. HE has given you love, not to store up for later, but simply to share. So, thank you for taking the time to make a difference and sharing GOD's love with others. HE desires to work greatly through each of us on a daily basis! 

Happy Testimony Tuesday! 
Johnathan Bond 

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