Testimony Tuesday 9/20

25 years ago, this week, I realized that GOD has always had HIS focus on me! I found out that HE loves me, no matter where I am or what I am doing. You see, I was on my way to work, in a major rain down pour, and my life was changed. As I was driving, in the left hand lane on GA Hwy 2, an 18 wheeler pulled over in to my path. He knocked me across the median, into oncoming traffic. When the crash had finally come to a stop, I was pronounced dead at the scene. My body was physically destroyed with many of my bones broken, including my back being broken in nine places. I was paralyzed from just above my waist down. Doctors said "Ms. Bond, there is no way possible. We can see no real hope for Johnathan." However, when there was no hope for me in man's eyes, GOD still had plans for me. Although I was under doctor's care for 2 years, I left the hospital 4 days after the wreck. I was not only healed physically, I was also given new life spiritually! When the doctor's said that I would never be able to walk, or see out of my right eye, GOD's word said (Isaiah 53:5), "with HIS stripes we are healed". Thanks to JESUS, I can walk and I can see (20/20 vision)!! PRAISE GOD! 25 years later and I still can walk and can still see great! I remember the doctors said that 2 things I would never be able to do is traveling and lifting. Funny thing is that is exactly what GOD had planned for me to do. I have traveled into every US state and into several other countries sharing the GOOD NEWS of JESUS! On the lifting thing, even though we had a crew that traveled with us, I would also help by carrying in the sound equipment, helping to set up and to break it down. GOD amazed me back then and still amazes me, even today! 

I want you to know that, at the time of the accident, I wasn't living for GOD. I wasn't looking for him, but HE certainly knew where I was and what I needed. I didn't earn HIS healing, love or mercy, it was totally a gift! I don't know what you may be dealing with today, or where you are in your relationship with GOD. However, one thing I do know is that HE loves you and has great plans for you. in the case that you have forgotten, HE created you for a specific purpose and has never changed HIS mind about HIS plans for you. HE loves you! From my personal experience, I can say, there is no better friend than JESUS! 

Please take time to encourage others around you. The world that we are passing through is a lonely place to many, but we can all make a difference if we take time to love those in our path. Your smile can open a heart, and your outstretched hand can bring joy. I love that GOD has given us the ability to change lives (John 14:12 ...these things I do and greater...). Enjoy Testimony Tuesday and always be the arms of GOD! 



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