Testimony Tuesday 9/6

"I came to hear you at a church the other night and I had honestly reached my ropes end. I can tell you that I was ready to throw in the towel with everything. I couldn't see a reason to keep going. However, you helped me to realize that God has His very focus on me and He has a purpose for me. You helped me to see that I needed to take my focus totally off of me, and place it 100% on Him. Thank you for doing what you are doing. You're definitely making a difference through how you are encouraging others. You make it easy to see God's love on a daily basis. I have chosen to surrender my all to Him. James R." 

This was part of an email that I received the other day. I love how GOD puts us in places totally for HIS purpose, to be part of the greater good! Thank you JESUS for allowing me to be part of this man's healing!! 

We live in a world of hurting people both outside of the church, as well as inside. Love can certainly change the hurt, and help heal the pain of everyone around us. We should always take a moment to love those that GOD has placed in our path. Each person was put there for a greater purpose. If we will take the time to reflect the love of JESUS, they will be blessed as well as we will be blessed. Sometimes The answers to our our very own prayers are hinged on our willingness to help others. Today is a brand new day. Lets take time to recognize the opportunities that HE is giving us. We all can make a major difference! 

Have an awesome Testimony Tuesday! 

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