Testimony Tuesday 8/30

The other day some friends and I were handing out $5 McDonald gift cards to the homeless/hurting. They had formed a line, and we handed out a little over 125 cards. While we were handing them out, I noticed a guy sitting over to the side. He was alone and sitting with his head down. He looked extremely dirty, more than the others. I turned to a friend to ask if he would take the guy a gift card for food. I will be completely honest with you, I didn't want to go over to him because he was extremely filthy and I was afraid he would want to maybe shake my hand. Just as I turned to ask my friend to reach out to him, GOD spoke to me. He said, "You were that dirty and I came to you." I immediately felt condemned and walked over to him. I said, "Hey sir, here is a card to get some food, if you would like." He never acknowledged me, at all. I sat down on the curb beside him and said the same thing again. Still not looking up, he said, "I am not asking for any help." I said, "No sir, but I am asking if you will allow me to share with you." Still never looking at me, he said, "What do you get out of this? Is this some kind of tax write off, for you? Why would you be doing this?" I responded with, "No sir, I'm not doing this for a tax write off, I am doing this because I have been right where you are." (Although his seemed to be more physical, and mine was spiritual. I too had been at the place where I was filthy, alone, hurting and needed a friend.) At that very moment, he turned to me, looked me eye to eye. He said, "Well, then I appreciate your gift and your heart." then he reached to get the card. After I gave him the card, He extended his hand for a hand shake. However, before I knew it, I had wrapped both of my arms around him. After we embraced, he said, "It has been a long time since anyone has hugged me." BROKEN! I was completely broken at that very moment. 

As I walked away, back to help the others, I said, "GOD, I am sorry, and feel totally ashamed, I couldn't look past his dirt and his pain to see the man." Right then GOD spoke to me. He said, "You have nothing to be ashamed about. You were in a position to either follow your head or your heart, and you followed your heart. That is all that I have ever have or will ever ask of you." I was reminded that JESUS didn't die to condemn us, but to give us life more abundantly. THANK YOU JESUS! 

What about you? Are you allowing the guilt and shame from your past (or even your present) life hold you down? Can I say to you the same thing that GOD said to me? You have no reason to be ashamed. Let it go. Once you have realized that you need GOD, and that you want less of yourself but more of HIM, then you never have to be condemned. All that HE wants of us is for us to focus less on us and more on HIM. When we are focused on HIM, HE will put desires in our heart to guide us on the journey HE has designed for us. 

Thanks for taking time to forgive yourself. Also, thank you for taking time to remind your friends, and family of the same good news. GOD loves you and has great plans for you! Just follow your heart! 


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