Testimony Tuesday 1/3

Thank you GOD for my family. Thank you GOD for parents that raised us, forcing us to get to know YOU. YOU have brought my family through so much over the years. YOU have taught us that Cancer, Drugs, Leukemia, Automobile accidents, Alcohol, nor anything else is too big for YOU. YOU have blessed my family to all be in service for YOU. My parents work hard in the church, Loretta (my oldest sister) is married to a preacher, I travel in music ministry and preach, Lamar (my younger brother) is a preacher, and Shenequa (my baby sister) is married to a preacher. I have many nieces and nephews that are also part of the ministry! So thankful! 

I am also very thankful for YOU blessing me my son and his family. (Markale, Krista, MacKenzie and Myla). Markale is a hard working, loving son and father of my two precious grandgirls! All are very healthy and blessed! GOD, THANK YOU for your blessings on me! 

GOD, I hope that I always notice YOUR blessings in my life! YOU are more than enough! 


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