Testimony Tuesday 6/7

When I didn’t have the strength to hold on to HIM, HE held on to me! Too many times we feel that we have to be perfect for JESUS to love us. Honestly, that can’t be further from the truth. HE didn’t die for the perfect, but for the fallen, the hurting, the lonely. As people, we may sometimes forget that, however HE never has forgotten why HE came. HE loves you and I, no matter where we have been or even where we are right now. We should never focus on our issues, but should always focus on HIM and HIS love for us! Personally, I love knowing that this entire world is framed by HIS love for me. I can’t get out of it! I can’t go too high, nor can I fall to far that HE can’t reach me. THANK YOU, JESUS!

Please take time to remind your family and friends that HIS arms are always open for them. HE can meet them right where they are, with just a simple invite. That, my friend, is real LOVE.

Have a great Testimony Tuesday, and thanks for sharing the GOOD NEWS!

Be blessed!
Johnathan Bond

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