Testimony Tuesday 5/24

This past week I was beaten up pretty badly by several about Testimony Tuesday (5/17). I used a stock photo, but didn’t share that it was stock photo. I wasn’t trying to hide anything, I simply didn’t think of mentioning it. The testimony was directed for praise to GOD. Several people spoke harsh, called names and sent me trashy messages. Some from people that I have never known, and some that have been life long friends.

I prayed and asked GOD why would all of this be going on. HE knew my heart, HE knew the truth and yet HE has allowed all of these issues. Well, I am certainly sorry for whining about the the entire issue. GOD used this last weeks testimony in some major ways. This week alone, the testimony was shared almost 2500 times, and over 5500 responses. The reason that it was so important to share is that GOD had plans for certain people to read about HIS Mercy and Grace. People that weren’t connected to me in any way. However, through shares, they were able to read the GOOD NEWS. I received 12 different prayer needs from people I don’t even know., all were non-Christians, asking for prayer and help. They are as follows:
– Ray: Needing a job and ready to be born again
– Jamie: Struggling with several years of depression and is ready to be saved
– Brandy: Raising two children alone, struggling. Wants to renew her life with JESUS
– Andrew: Struggling with alcoholism, asking for prayer and wants to be saved
– Johnny: Bad drinking problem, wants to be healed and saved
– Brandon: Health issues, but feels that GOD may want him this way. But still wants to get to know HIM
– Ryan: Stuck in a world of drugs. Never has been around GOD and doesn’t know anything about HIM, but would like to
– Lisa: Drugs and Alcohol has almost destroyed her and she wants healed and wants to be reunited in her walk with GOD
– Jamal: Needs a job and someone to love. Was put into Foster Care at 5 years old, is now 22 and feels unloved and alone. Would like to be saved
– Margaret: Elderly and needs help with medicine and would like to have her family reunited. Walked away from GOD 25 years ago, but wants to be born again
– Craig: Been in church his whole life, but never has known how to be saved. Wants to find out what GOD has for him to do in life
– Jonathan: Drugs has destroyed his life, his family and his body. He asked if I would pray for HIM to be saved and healed

I have talked with almost every person and was able to pray with them for salvation and healing. Please know that even though it may not be easy, we can certainly make a major difference in the lives of others, simply by taking the time to love. GOD uses each of us, we just need to notice HIM!

Remember, even a cactus can still bloom.

Be blessed!
Johnathan Bond

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