Testimony Tuesday 12/6

 7 years ago this week, I was in the hardest battle of my entire Christian walk. There were days that I wasn't even able to crawl out of bed, and certainly wouldn't leave the house for days at a time. 6 months earlier, I had made a commitment to perform some Christmas carols for underprivileged children on December 4, (Friday). On that Friday morning a put myself into 'auto-pilot' mode. I headed for the elementary school with a surface smile and a shattered heart. 

Just as I had finished singing my last Christmas carol, and said "Merry Christmas and thank you" to the children and faculty, one of the teachers said, "Does anyone have any request for Mr. Johnathan to sing?" I kept my exterior smile the entire time. Mark, one of the little boys, said, "Mr. Johnathan, will you sing Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, please?" Of course I began to play and sing the nationally known song. 

As I was singing Rudolph, I thought, "There is absolutely nothing wrong with teaching children this Christmas song, but is anyone teaching them the true meaning of Christmas." and suddenly something amazing happened! As I was singing one song, I began to write another song. As soon as I finished singing Rudolph, I asked If they would like to hear one more song. I took about 6 minutes and wrote the lyrics to 'Do You Know JESUS' and performed it just moments later. 

It was amazing to me to write a song, while performing another song! However, it was even more amazing to write an upbeat, peppy song while almost drowning in depression. AMAZING how GOD does what only he can do! As HE used this opportunity to take my fake smile and replace it with joy! THANK YOU JESUS!! 

I believe GOD honored that I chose to put others ahead of myself, and gifted me with this song. Please click on the link below and enjoy! 

Do You Know JESUS 
Writer: Johnathan Bond 
Publisher: HIS Choice Music/BMI 



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