Testimony Tuesday 11/22

 I believe the more we take time to notice, and give thanks for the things (and people) that GOD has blessed us with, we would notice a lot less negativity around us. Philippians 4:8 teaches us that if we want peace in our life, we need to give less thought to the negative things around us and focus more on the good, honest, pure, etc. 

In honor of this teaching, and our nation celebrating Thanksgiving this week, I'm going to ask everyone that reads this "Testimony Tuesday" to please list one thing (or person) for which you are very thankful. Also, please take time to share with your family and friends. We can make a difference by helping to redirect others to the Awesomeness of GOD in and around all of us. 

I will start: I am very thankful for many things, but to name one it would be that GOD chose me! That of all the people in this world, GOD chose me to share the good news with all that I come in contact with!! I am so thankful for that!! Happy Thanksgiving week and Happy Testimony Tuesday! 


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