Testimony Tuesday 10/18

Most of you guys know that I started "Extended Arms" project (DBA: Young Harmony, Inc.) about 6 years ago. I have seen GOD's blessings over and over on this ministry, and for that I am so thankful! Part of what we do is handing out $5 McDonald gift cards to help hungry people with a meal (or 2 sometimes). I normally hand out 250 cards each quarter, however the other day in Atlanta, I handed out all that I had on hand (a little over 400). There were just so many hurting people, and I simply couldn't stop when I reached 250, but continue until I was completely out. On the way home that evening from Atlanta, I thanked GOD for what HE has supplied and what HE was going to continue to supply. You see, I have never known of HIM directing me to do something, and not supply the means for me to do it, right? I told no one that I was out of cards, and was just going to replenish them as I could. 

Well, 3 days later I went to my post office, back in Chattanooga, and had to sign for a package for "Extended Arms". I opened the box and it had 500 $5 McDonald gift cards!!! THANK YOU JESUS!! An Apostolic church in Atlanta sent the cards with a note saying, "Mr. Johnathan, your life has made such an impact on our youth that they made a commitment to help you, help others. They did car washes, sold some personal items and raised the money to purchase 500 $5 gift cards. Sir, thank you for showing our youth the real love of JESUS in action. We, our entire congregation, are better people just for knowing you. Your friends at First Apostolic, Atlanta." THANK YOU JESUS!! 

GOD is totally amazing! Can I share with you that GOD will certainly bless you with more than you can contain, as you step out and do what HE has called you to do? Sometimes we are looking for answers to some of our life's problems, and we just may find those answers as we step out to do what GOD has called us to do. As we follow HIM, HE not only blesses others, but also meets our needs. Are we willing to trust, when it looks like we shouldn't? What is faith? Faith, is stepping out where HE is guiding, even though it looks like we will fail. HE has proven to always take care of us, and HE deserves our trust. 

Have a great Testimony Tuesday, and take the plunge on whatever HE is calling you to do!! That is where real life begins! 

Your friend, 

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