Testimony Tuesday 8/23

I was in Atlanta the other day and stopped to eat. As I was eating, I looked over an saw a guy sitting by himself, and he seemed extremely down. So, I walked over and introduced myself saying, "Hey sir, I am Johnathan Bond, where would I know you from?" He shared with me where he used to work and in what part of town he used to live. I said, "Probably not from there, I'm not real acquainted with that area. Either way, it is good to see you." He said, "What kind of work do you do?" I told him that I have traveled in Christian music for the past 25 years. I let him know that I live in the Chattanooga TN area, but do quite a bit of grief counseling in the Atlanta area. He said, "You came over here because you could tell that something was wrong, didn't you?" I said, "Yes sir. I noticed you over here by yourself and you seemed extremely sad?" He said, "If you have time to listen, you may want to have a seat. I have made some really bad decisions in life and to make a long story short, I have lost my family." I said, "What do you mean by you've lost your family? Like what kind of bad decisions?" He said, "I have a 16 year old son, a 12 year old son and an 8 year old daughter. My wife and I were married for18 years and began having some marriage issues about 2 years ago. I found myself in the arms of another woman and my family found out. She just filed for a divorce and has nothing to do with me now. My children hate me for my choices and won't speak to me." He said, "I don't know if there is help, except maybe GOD. Would mind adding me to your prayers, please? I don't know if I can get through this. I don't even know if I want to get through this. It is more painful than any other hurt that I have ever experienced." I reached across the table for his hand and said, "Can I pray for you right now?" After we prayed and then talked for a little while, I asked him for help. I said, "Would you care to pray for me? I have a lot of things going on in my life and can certainly use some prayer for direction." He looked at me with some surprise in his eyes, and said, "Did you just ask me if I would pray for you? I just told you how bad my life is from my own stupidity and failures. Why would you want me to pray? I'm not even where GOD can hear me." I said, "Actually, no matter where you are, or what you are dealing with, HE sees you. No matter how many mistakes you have made, or how many stupid decisions, GOD still loves you. HE hears your every cry and knows your every need. Why do you think that I am here? GOD wants to spend time with you. HE most definitely loves you. Have you asked him to be your LORD and SAVIOR?" He said, "Many years ago, I asked HIM to come into my heart. However, I have not lived for HIM, nor had time for HIM, in a long while." Sitting right there, he recommitted his life to GOD right then and there! THANK YOU, JESUS! Totally Amazing! #PlusOne

You know, many people think they have to earn the love of GOD or to be perfect for GOD to hear them. Thankfully, GOD hears every breath that we take, and notices each and every tear. Never forget that HE created you and loves you! Also, remember that HE created each person that you meet. Always know that GOD is there for you, whether you are there for him, or not. HE loves you and wants a relationship with you! If you don't know HIM, please take time to get to know HIM. This will be the best decision you have ever made. 

Thanks for taking time to share this testimony with your friends and family. Together, we can make a difference in the life of so many! 


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