Testimony Tuesday 9/9

Testimony Tuesday: As I was in Atlanta eating with some friends, a lady approached me asking if I had any CD’s with me (thanks to TBN Atlanta). She said, if so, she would take $100 worth. As I was leaving that restaurant, I seen a middle aged man sitting on a park bench. GOD spoke to me to walk over to him and simply encourage him. I sat down beside him and followed GOD’s direction. I said, “Hey sir, my name is Johnathan Bond and I noticed you sitting here and just wanted to give you a couple of things. 1) Here is $100 that maybe you can get a room and something to eat. 2) GOD wanted me to tell you that your circumstance don’t have to define who you are.” The man just looked at me, smiled and said, “THANK YOU! He said I lost my job a year ago, and haven’t been able to find one at all. Then I lost my house about 2 months ago.” He then said, “Today, I caught myself feeling alone, and worthless.” I said to him, “Just know that this situation will pass. Just keep your focus on the ANSWER and the problems with gradually fade. Also, never forget GOD sending someone to remind you that HE knows where you are and loves you! It was easy to see that he was overwhelmed. SO BEAUTIFUL! WOW! I love how GOD opens the doors for sharing the GOOD NEWS! Take time to show JESUS to people and share what GOD has done for you! HE deserves the PRAISE Blessings friends!

Johnathan Bond

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