Testimony Tuesday 9/8

I was driving to Kentucky for church and passed a guy walking so I pulled over and asked, “Where are you headed?” and he answered, “I really don’t know.” I said, “Are you hungry?” He got in the car and we went to eat. While eating, he talked to me just very little. Chris said that due to drugs, his wife left with his 4 little girls and he doesn’t know where they are. He said he hasn’t seen them in several months and is looking for them. I asked where he wanted me to take him. He said, “I really have no where to go.” I told him I was headed to Kentucky for a concert and he could go with me, if he wanted. He agreed, so we headed on north. I privately called the Sunday AM pastor and let him know that I was bringing a hitchhiker with me. I asked if he would let everyone know that I didn’t know the guy and ask them to keep their purses close and children even closer. This was just to let everyone know to be safe and aware.

The service was blessed, but Chris had no emotion at all. After the service, Chris noticed a little girl (I would guess around to be 11 years old or so) and thought she was his daughter. He went to the little girl and tried to get in the church van with her. Pastor and I talked to him letting him know that she wasn’t his daughter. He was sold on this being her and wouldn’t take no for an answer. After we went to eat, he said he was going back to the church for his daughter. We were finally able to get him in the car with no issues.

On the way back toward Tennessee, I asked for a phone number so I could keep in touch. He said he didn’t have a phone because of being homeless, but he could give me his brothers phone number which was in his wallet. When he gave the number, I called his brother. I said, “Is this Luke? I have your brother Chris with me and wondered if you could meet me at an exit on I40.” The brother just started crying uncontrollably and said we haven’t seen him in over a year. They thought he must have been dead. I was able to witness an amazing reunion of a family out of Whitehouse TN. I love how GOD does what only HE can do. Now, I can tell you this wasn’t an easy task,or a walk in the park, but was definitely worth it!

Y’all, we can certainly make a difference, if we just step out of our comfort zone. Please take time to share your testimony or at least share this testimony. GOD deserves so much praise. It is HE that looks beyond our faults and sees our needs, and makes a way for our escape!!

Be blessed,
Johnathan Bond

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