Testimony Tuesday 9/22

I received a phone call from a lady in Alabama. She asked that we go and see a little boy, Trevor Smith, who was diagnosed with cancer. He was at the St. Jude hospital and they didn’t expect him to ever leave the hospital. I went to visit Trevor and his parents, there in Memphis. I talked to Trevor about Jesus and what it meant to be saved. I asked him if he would like to be saved and he said yes. Trevor, I think, was probably six years old at the time. We prayed together and so I asked Trevor how did he know he was saved. He said so simply, “because I asked”. Then I asked Trevor, “would you like to be healed?” And of course he said yes, so we prayed again.

A couple of weeks later I received another phone call from the same lady (Carol) asking us to come to Alabama to do an outside benefit singing for Trevor to raise money for the medical expenses. There were several other groups there participating. The weather had been beautiful, but as one of the groups began to sing “What A Mighty God We Serve”, it began to rain. People everywhere began rushing and putting up equipment and trying to find shelter so that none of the sound system would be ruined. I just started thinking and I looked around and they were singing the song “What A Mighty God We Serve”, yet we are running from the rain. I went to the stage and picked up the microphone and said, “Wait a minute. Here we are singing about what a mighty GOD we serve, and yet we are running for shelter from the rain. GOD created the rain, and GOD can stop the rain. Anyone here that believes, come down and let’s make a circle, join in prayer, and ask GOD to stop this rain.” There were about 25 people that came and we joined together and after we prayed, we began to sing the song “Alleluia”. As we looked around the rain had completely stopped, except you could see it raining in a 500 ft. radius all the way around the park. We weren’t getting wet and it wasn’t raining on us, but 500 feet from us all the way around, it was pouring rain. I thought that was so cool. Approximately a week later the lady (Carol) who had called me about the benefit and also about going to see Trevor in the hospital, called and said, “Johnathan, you need to sit down. I just got a call today and Trevor’s coming home. He is completely healed.” This just goes to show you, there is power in the name of JESUS. There truly is power in HIS name! This testimony was written about 18 years ago.

Two weeks ago, I asked that Trevor Smith send me his testimony from his point of view. You can read that here.

Also, here is a song that he wrote and is singing. GOD is amazing!

Please take time to share either your testimony or this testimony. This is the GOOD NEWS to gossip about! Thanks all.

*Johnathan Bond

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