Testimony Tuesday 9/1

He was 39 years old with a life that looked completely perfect. He called me the other day asking if we could meet for food and some conversation. The conversation began with, “Nothing makes sense to me. I am happily married, 2 wonderful kids, a great job and money in the bank, however I am considering suicide because of this dang depression. I have been reading your Testimony Tuesdays and I just felt compelled to give you a call. No one knows of what I am going through, not even my wife. What do I do?” During this deep, emotional two hour conversation, I asked what his relationship was like with JESUS. He said, “I have been in church all of my life and I still attend pretty regularly, when I am not too busy.” I said, “That did not answer my question. What is your relationship with JESUS like?” He seemed to get a little upset with me, but I kept pushing. Finally he said, “I don’t know if I have ever been saved. I just don’t know.” I, of course, said if you don’t know, then you haven’t been. I promise you, you can never forget meeting such an awesome person! I said to him, “Why don’t you ask JESUS to be your LORD and SAVIOR right now?” He said, is there a church that will let us come in this late? I let him know that we didn’t need a building, all we needed is JESUS. I was able to lead him in the sinners prayer. So awesome! How about a man being born again at PF Changs! That is cool stuff, right there! I encouraged him to go and tell his wife and talk to his pastor about him surrendering his life to GOD. I also encouraged him to start pouring in the GOOD NEWS of GOD on a daily basis by reading HIS word. I also talked with him a little bit about developing a friendship/relationship with JESUS!

Well, three weeks had gone by and I met with him again just the other day. I was blessed by his excitement for life. He said that he now wakes up with JOY every day and for the past week has woke up singing, “Good Morning Lord”!

Thank you JESUS for saving a wretch like both he and I!

Friends, please take time to share your testimony or even share this testimony with your friends. The GOOD NEWS of GOD is worth spreading!

Have a great Testimony Tuesday!
Johnathan Bond

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