Testimony Tuesday 6/9

As my parents celebrate 50 years of marriage this week, I wanted to use them for this weeks Testimony Tuesday. I remember way back as a small child, my parents calling the four of us children into their bedroom to kneel by their bed and talk to the FATHER. Growing up, we were always taught to live right and stay focused on GOD. We were taught that HE would always be there, even when our parents weren’t able to be there for us. For my parents teaching, I am so thankful!

September 24, 1991, after a major automobile accident, the doctors had no hope of me surviving. However, my parents began to pray and believed that GOD wasn’t finished with me. They didn’t call anyone, they didn’t start a pray chain, they went straight to the throne of GOD. GOD spoke to my mother and said, “Ask and you shall receive.” She knew that this was just the beginning of great things. For those of you who don’t know, GOD raised me up and called me to reach the hopeless and hurting. HE brought me through, not just barely, but better than before! For my parents example, I am so thankful!

Many times, GOD has honored my parents. My older sister was in a bad accident as a teen, but GOD brought her through. My brother was bound by drugs, but through prayer, GOD healed him. My younger sister was born with Leukemia, but GOD had other plans. Even in the face of adversity, my parents prayed, trusted and witnessed many miracles.

Today all four children serve in the ministry:

  • Loretta, married to a pastor
  • Johnathan, music evangelist
  • Lamar, pastor
  • Shenequa, married to a preacher

Thank you GOD for a wonderful example of Christianity through my parents. Thank you Mother and Dad for loving GOD in front of us for so many years.

Guys we all have so much to be thankful for. Please take time to share what GOD has done for your, or at least share this testimony with your friends. Together, we can make a difference. Thanks so much!

Johnathan Bond

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