Testimony Tuesday 2/17

When I walked into her room she said to me, “Luke 4:18 is your scripture!” She then turned to her grandson and said “Hand me my Bible.” I could not help but cry as she began to read the scripture. She said “Because of your calling, there are things that you have faced that would have destroyed most other people, but you have smiled through the pain. GOD told me that many times you have had to stand strong when you didn’t feel you had the strength to even exist.” I was completely overwhelmed. She went on to say, “GOD said that you have forgotten how strong you are. That you have felt like where you are now is where you will always be, but HE has great plans for you. HE wanted me to remind you that HE created your for a special work that only you can do. Never lose sight of why you are here. HE loves you.” WOW!! I could barely talk. Completely overwhelmed! This was one of the most transcendental moments of my life. I was sent to help her, but GOD had other plans! I love you LORD!

Guys, please help me spread the GOOD NEWS of JESUS. HE deserves so much. Please tell someone about HIM or at least share this post. Be blessed!

*Johnathan Bond

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