Testimony Tuesday 12/9

Testimony Tuesday: I received an email ordering 250 Testimony (VOL III) CD’s. I called to let them know that they ordered 250 by mistake, asking how many they wanted. The man on the other end said that it was no mistake. He said that he had stopped going to church about 6 years ago, however his wife had been going some. He said a pastor from a local church had come by to visit with them and gave them a copy of Volume III. The man said GOD used it to greatly to change both he and his wife’s life. He said he owns a small company that has 250 employees and wanted to give them all a copy of the CD for CHRISTMAS. I LOVE HOW GOD DOES WHAT ONLY HE CAN DO! HE is amazing! So awesome! THANK YOU JESUS!! I am praying that GOD uses those CDs in a most powerful way! SO COOL!

*Johnathan Bond

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