Testimony Tuesday 12/8

She said, “I went from having no hope of a future to realizing that I am a child of the KING after reading your book.”

Saturday, while we were handing out blankets to the homeless, we met a young lady named Angela and her four little girls. The little girls were like children in a candy store as they went through the blankets, gloves, socks, chapstick, etc. However, the mother stood to the side with a river of tears flowing down her face. We tried to get her to take some stuff for herself, but she felt unworthy due to where her decisions had taken her. After talking to her for a few minutes, I walked over to my car and got her a copy of my new book, “Yes HE Can” and asked if she would read it. Of course we hugged the kids and her, and they walked away.

12313809_925793844165909_4127821679005344215_nSunday afternoon, I received a phone call from a young lady saying, “Johnathan, my name is Angela. I am one of the homeless people you met on Saturday.” She said that she just wanted to tell me that she knew GOD arraigned our meeting. She said, “My life changed on Saturday. I had given my heart to GOD, but I truly gave HIM my life today.” THANK YOU JESUS!! I gave her a call on Monday (yesterday) to check on her and you should have heard the JOY that was overflowing. She shared how GOD changed every aspect of her life from her soul to her entire little family.

Just for the record, Brenda and I have decided to take them on for Christmas. If any of you have gently used toys, clothes for girls from ages 3-8 years old, and want to help, you can ship them to the below address. The mother seems to probably wear a size 8-10, if you want to help there.

Young Harmony, INC
Extended Arms (Angela and girls)
PO Box 2584
Chattanooga, TN 37409

Remember guys, Salvation is a gift for you and me, but the JOY that comes with salvation is a gift for us to share with others. Take time to share with those you come in contact with, you will make a difference! BLESSINGS!!

Johnathan Bond

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