Testimony Tuesday 12/16

Testimony Tuesday: I sang at a church in Atlanta a couple weeks ago. There was a teenage boy who was there ONLY because he was forced to be there by his parents. It was easy to see he was miserable. During the service, at first, I was a little bit distracted by his restlessness. I asked GOD to anoint the service, because I know that the Anointing is what destroys the bondage. The service was awesome! HE certainly blessed and the altar service was amazing. However, there didn’t seem to be any change on this teenager’s countenance. Well, this week his dad called my 888 phone number (that’s listed on my website) and said his son was asking to speak to me. His son reminded me of the service and why he was there. He then said that the following night after going to bed, he dreamed that GOD told him that it was time to choose life and salvation. He said when he woke up, he went into his parents bedroom asking if they would pray with him to be saved! TOTALLY AWESOME! On the phone, he said, “Thank you for what you are doing for GOD.” It was easy to hear the humbleness in his voice. THANK YOU GOD! YOU ARE AMAZING! Please y’all, take time to invest in the lives of your children. PUSH. HE will honor your discipline and direct them to their destiny in HIM! Have a great Tuesday!

*Johnathan Bond

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