Testimony Tuesday 11/10

“BUT FOR THE GRACE OF GOD, THERE GO I” This past weekend, as part of the “Extended Arms Project”, I handed out 200 $5 McDonald gift cards to the homeless community in Knoxville TN. As I was handing them out, Thomas walked up to me and said, “I really just want to thank you for both the card and the love that it was given with. I can eat on the card for 2 meals, and I can go 2 months on the love that you gave them with today.” He said, “I don’t know GOD’s exact plan for me, but I know HE has and always will take care of me. I really appreciate your prayers. I hope to one day be able to help others the same way you are. I honestly care about people, too.” It was then he asked if he could hug me!

Have mercy! I try my best to always contain my emotions when reaching out to these guys, but I was very much unsuccessful on this day. I left there even more thankful for all that GOD has done for me and where HE has kept me from. Y’all, we have so much to be thankful for! Thanks to everyone that helps in the “Extended Arms Project”. TOGETHER, WE ARE MAKING SUCH A DIFFERENCE!! So thankful to get to be part of this life changing venture!

Anyone that would like to join with us, can send McDonald gift cards, blankets or money to the address below. I will send you a Tax Deductible Donation letter, as well. BLESSINGS TO ALL!

Young Harmony, INC
Extended Arms Project, 2015
PO Box 2584
Chattanooga, TN 37409

Johnathan Bond

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