Testimony Tuesday 10/6

This week, 48 years ago, my parents lived in the Phoenix AZ area and were expecting child number 2. A lady from Dalton GA, that wasn’t related to either of my parents, told my parents that GOD wanted her to help them through the child birthing process. On October 11, I was born at home with my umbilical cord wrapped around my neck and blue in color. This lady (whom I later called Aunt Flora) was a trained Mid-Wife and new exactly what needed to be done. She acted quickly and professionally to get me breathing, but most of all she prayed over my life. Once everything had settled, she asked my parents if they cared for her naming their little boy. She asked if she could name me Johnathan, after Johnathan in the bible. She said that the name meant, “Gift of the LORD.” Thank you Aunt Flora for allowing GOD to use you!

I think about way back then and how satan tried to keep me from life, but GOD had a greater plan. Many times over the past 48 years satan has tried to destroy me mentally, physically, financially and emotionally, but GOD has always brought me through. HE is always more than enough and has always made a way for my escape!

I would like to encourage you to know that GOD also has a plan for your life. HE has had HIS hand on you from the very beginning and LOVES you! Don’t ever let the storms of life persuade you any differently about HIS love and plan for you. (I Corinthians 10:13)

Please take time to remind your friends and family that they, too are in the palm of HIS hand and HE has great plans for them. Remember, we can make a great difference in the lives of others, if we just take the time to allow our FATHER’S traits to shine through us. Thanks for sharing the GOOD NEWS with others!

Johnathan Bond

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