Testimony Tuesday 1/12

Good morning. Here is a letter that I received in the mail this past week. Such a blessing!

Mr. Bond,
I am not sure if you will remember me and my family or not. But a few weeks ago we were eating at a restaurant in Indianapolis for my husband’s birthday. We sat close to you, your wife and friends. We immediately loved the warmth of your friendship and then enjoyed as you sang happy birthday to my husband. I hope this helps you to remember us. The reason I am writing is about the book that you gave us, Yes He Can. We left there that night and began reading that book. What a major blessing this was to us. We have been struggling with some health issues, as well as financial issues and God placed you in our life for this purpose. You have made us realize that these battles aren’t ours, they belong to God. You have made us realize that we can focus on the bad and things will get worse or focus on God and things will get better. I hope this doesn’t come across like I am a crazy person, but I really wanted to thank you for coming into our life. I am sure that you didn’t know that God would use you so great, but that he did. I hope to get to come to some of your concerts when you are back in the Indy area.

Pam an Duane Sheppard

What awesome opportunities that GOD places us in for HIS greater good! HE is simply amazing. Please take time to love those that HE brings into your pathway. You will see that they are blessed and HE will see that you are! Thanks for taking time to share this with your friends and family!

Be Blessed!
Johnathan Bond

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