November 2010

Well, it has been a while since Young Harmony has posted an article but we thought it was about time to let people know what we are up to. WOW, it has been a busy year. A lot of changes for Johnathan Bond, Noel Walters and Darlene Chapman. Our paths were heading in different directions when we first started with Young Harmony. We were just going to fill in and help Johnathan to keep some of the dates he had scheduled for the next few months. Not knowing what God had in store for us. I remember when we first got together we were not sure if the voices would blend or if the sound would be there. We met at my house and had our first rehearsal and needless to say it was tough. There were some laughing, crying and believe it or not some pretty good sounding moments. We knew it would take some work but we felt it was something we could work with. We were kind of amazed at how our voices did blend and seemed like it was something worth pursuing. As time went on and we were more comfortable with the phrasings and style of music that Young Harmony was known for, it all just fell into place. The NEW Young Harmony definitely has a different sound than before but Johnathan says it is the best it has ever been. WE are greatful that GOD put this together. Little did we know that years ago when I met Johnathan, I would be singing with him someday. I was singing with a group called Southland out of Chattanooga, TN. and we would see each other at different venues. That was back in the 80’s – WOW!! You see God knew that one day we would be singing together and that is why we met so many years ago. God’s plan is so perfect and HE sees way ahead in the future. We have all talked many times about how GOD led us to this place with Young Harmony. Noel Walters and I were singing with a group Gold Harbor and felt that God was leading us in another direction but we just didn’t know where. Then Noel contacted Johnathan one day and told him that if he ever needed fill-ins that He and I were available not knowing that Johnathan was going through a really rough time. Weeks later, Johnathan called Noel one day and asked us to help him out on some bookings he had to fill and we did. We have been with Young Harmony ever since. We prayed and asked God’s guidance in all of this and feel that at this time we are exactly where we need to be. It has been a long year, lots of struggles and things to overcome but GOD is an overcomer and through HIM we can do all things!!!! Can I get an AMEN?

We are very excited about 2011. We have a lot of ideas and upcoming projects that we are anxious to pursue. We are gathering songs for a brand new project. This will be all new songs that Young Harmony has never recorded before and putting our take on it which is different from the previous sound. We ask that you pray for us as we move forward and seek God’s will and guidance as we continue to travel and minister. It’s time we all get busy about our Father’s work. Time is running out and I do believe that things as we know in this world, are wrapping up. Revelations tells us the things to look for in the end times. I urge you to read the scriptures, get familiar with what God is telling us as he prepares us for such a time as this. I pray that we are all prayed up and ready to go.

We also ask that you stay tuned for the new sounds of Young Harmony and let us hear from you. We would love to come to your church or event. Check out our website at Keep us in your prayers as we move forward in the new direction God has placed on all of us. We hope to see you somewhere in your area very soon.

Darlene Chapman
Young Harmony

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