“Make It / Break It”

Solid Gospel’s  “Make It or Break It”
brought to you by Rick Hendrix Management
hosted by  Johnathan Bond


Is it important to you what the National radio listening audience thinks?
Rick Hendrix Management, along with Solid Gospel
Network would like to help you in that area with a brand new show called,
“Make It or Break It”.  “Make It or Break It’ is a
program designed to learn the view of the people that matter the most –

With this opportunity you will receive vital knowledge and insight to
better equip you to choose your next radio single, as well as, a great
teaser for your
upcoming radio release.  There are additional benefits to this program,
such as National Artist exposure, an increase of hits to your website and
many others.

Program Includes:
*    Song (of your choice) aired one (1) time a day for five (5) consecutive
days at alternate time slots,
*    LIsteners will vote “Make It” or “Break It” through email or phone,
along with voting comments.
*    Solid Gospel website will make available complete song (not for
download) listed by Song Title and Artist Name, to include Artist link.
*    Song will remain on Solid Gospel website for two (2) months.
*    Songs that receive at least 80% of “Make It” votes will be forwarded to
the Solid Gospel Program Director.
*    All “Break It” comments are forwarded to the artist.

Artist Requirements:
*    Copy of Song (entire project preferrably)
*    Song Information:
*        Song Title:
*        Song Writer:
*        Song Publisher:
*    Artist Information:
*        Name:
*        Address:
*        City, State, Zip:
*        Phone:
*        Email:
*        Website:
*    Signed Agreement
*    Investment cost: $250.00

Artist Signature

Artist Name – Printed
Date of agreement:

Date of airing will be determined at time all artist requirements (listed
above), payment in full and signed agreement is received.
Make checks payable to “Make It or Break It”.
Send all information to “Make It or Break It”,
Attention: Johnathan Bond,
PO Box 2548, Chattanooga, TN 37409.

For questions or additional information,
contact Johnathan Bond at 888-291-7161 or
email: Johnathan@YoungHarmony.com

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Thank you for your prayers as we travel.

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