Let It Go…

I hope this week that you have seen great reminders of the LOVE and GRACE of GOD.  It is amazing to realize that each breath we take, is a breath that HE has given.  AMAZING!  It is always exciting to see HIS hand active in our lives!

This past week, we have been wonderfully busy, doing what GOD has called us to do.  Our travels to Missouri was awesome.  It was great
to see old friends and also to make new ones.  Then today, we were blessed to have been chosen to share GOD’s music with about 50 elderly friends at one of the nursing homes in Fort Oglethorpe, GA. WOW, what an opportunity.  The ‘real’ smiles that they shared with us and then the stories that they told about where GOD had brought them from was extremely inspiring.  What a blessed day.  Early in the morning (Thursday), we are leaving for our scheduled weekend of ‘revival opportunities’ in concert (see www.YoungHarmony.com for the concert schedule).  Please pray that GOD use us to remind others that HIS GRACE is still available.  We all have such a work to do for HIM, and I just pray we are about the FATHER’s business.

I would love to share with you some words from a lady that called this past week.  She had heard one of our songs from the Strength CD, Let It Go.  She had dealt with having had an abortion when she was 15 years old, (12 years ago) and even though she repented, gave her life to GOD, and believed that HE had forgiven her, she could never forgive herself.  She said to her husband, “it will probably be this way the rest of my life…”.  She was getting ready for work Monday morning and was reminded of her past.  She (again) went to GOD to repent, the radio (which had been on snooze) came on at the exact time needed, with a message straight from the THRONE ROOM!  She said during that song, she was able to let go of her past and realize that GOD had cleansed her from her mistakes.  She called on Tuesday with tears of JOY saying, “I AM FREE!”  PRAISE GOD!   I know that there are many people, with me being one of them, that have made many extremely bad choices in life.  Some people have made choices that satan just wont allow to be released.  If you are one of these people, and feel that you can never be free, I want to share with you that no matter what you have done, when you have done it, where you have done it and with whom you have do it, GOD still loves you!  You can be free, IF you will allow HIM to just share HIS GRACE with you!  I want to give you the words to this song and I pray that when HE reaches into your heart, you will allow HIM to set you free from your past.

Let It Go

Verse 1
She was standing at the crossroads of despair
wondering does the GOD above even care
Her innocence was lost, boundaries had been crossed
time had built a wall of resentment, pain and loss

Verse 2
Everyone she loved had walked away
All alone in an unfamiliar place
She cried from her heart, LORD have I gone to far
as she spoke the name of JESUS, she heard HIM say

Let it go, give it to JESUS
let it go, the guilt you feel inside
You don’t have to be defeated
when there’s nothing left for you to hide
Just let it go

Is that you, drowning in your yesterday,
going down like a ship on the sea
You don’t have to be defeated,
don’t have to live that way
Allow HIM to set you free…

Johnathan Bond / Philip Hare / Buddy Mullins (writers)

Thank you for your friendship and for allowing me to share with you the opportunities that GOD have given us.  I would love to hear from you about the opportunities that HE has given you.  Just send them to Johnathan@YoungHarmony.com  Also, if you have a friend that might could use this song reminder, please print it off for them or email it to them.  We all can make a difference when we allow GOD to work through us.

I hope to see you sometime soon, but until then, the harvest is plenty…’
Your friend
Johnathan Bond
Young Harmony

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