Good News / National Quartet Convention

Please take just a moment to read these three scriptures: Luke 22:31-32 / Romans 8:34 / Hebrews 7:22-26
All three are awesome reminders of what JESUS is doing for your right now! Can I remind you that satan does not stand a chance when JESUS is praying for you!!! You are victorious all because of HIM!! Rejoice in who HE still is!

I wanted to let you know about our schedule for the National Quartet Convention. Check it out at It will be updated daily. Dinner Cruise, Restaurant Concert, Morning Devotion and Concert with Angelica Ministries, and much more.

Also, click on this link: It will say, “Young Harmony wma” just click on “Download” and open. It is safe, I promise.

Please keep us in your prayers as we do what GOD has called us to do. Your prayers and encouragement always mean more than you know.

Johnathan Bond
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