What If He Didn’t

First, I have a reminder for you. JESUS didn’t have to die for you! It was something that HE chose to do because HE loved you!
Now I have a question for you. What are you choosing to do for HIM? Not that it’s required, but neither was HIS dying for you.

This is something that deserves to be thought about. Here are the words to a song that is on our ‘Strength’ project. I hope they make you think even more than maybe you already do.

What If HE Didn’t

(first verse)
HE chose pain over comfort, suffering over sin
tempted, tried and tested, HE chose me over HIM
HE washed the feet of servants, broke bread with the least,
HE looked beyond their faults and flaws and chose to see their needs

What if HE didn’t walk on water, or didn’t calm the sea
What if HE put HIS wants and will above you and me
What if HE spared HIMself the heartache, on that road to Calvary
Or let that cup pass away, where would we be
I know that HE did, but what if HE didn’t

(second verse)
HE didn’t have to feed the thousands, HE could have only fed HIMself
HE could have kept on walking past that woman at the well
HE didn’t have to heal the sick, one soul at a time
or stop those stones from being throne, HE could have been the first in line

This is just a reminder the HE chose us with love! Are you choosing HIM with love?

We are driving home from from the weekend of travels, and what a weekend end it was! PRAISE GOD that we, while at The Country Tonite Theatre in Pigeon Forge, TN, were able to see GOD reach into the hearts of several people. Some of these people came to see the ‘show; but left changed. THAT IS AWESOME! Such a blessing. We left from there and drove through from place to place winding up for the Sunday evening in Jamestown, NY. GOD is, of course, AMAZING! It was wonderful meeting old friends (not as in age…lol) and also making new friends. Thank you for your love!

I would love to remind you to check our concert schedule at www.YoungHarmony.com to see if we are coming your way. Also, I am hosting a radio show on Solid Gospel (a nationally known radio station that syndicates to many other stations across the US and Canada) and would love for you to check it out at www.SolidGospel.com. There you can listen to the Make It or Break It song of the week. You can also vote while there, if you would like.

Keep us in your prayers as we do what GOD has called us to do. One other reminder, we all can make a difference in this big ole world, IF we allow the LOVE of GOD to flow from with in us.
Your friend, and partner in CHRIST!

Johnathan Bond
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Always remember GOD is bigger than your problems!

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