Testimony Tuesday 9/15

I received a private message from Michael telling me his testimony of how GOD not only protected him from a 15 year prison sentence, but also saved his soul from hell. He is now loving GOD and serving him by helping the hurting and homeless. He asked me, “How do you keep doing for GOD and helping others, when the church people talk trash about you? It is because of them, I sometimes just want to stop doing for GOD, but I know that I can’t.” I shared with him that others may talk badly, however we aren’t doing what we do for them. I reminded him that it was the “church” people that killed JESUS. I encouraged him to keep doing what GOD had called him to do. I also let him know that GOD is using him to make great differences in the lives of others, including mine.

I first want to say that I, like Michael, am so thankful for what GOD has brought me through. I am honored to have been hand picked by HIM to share the GOOD NEWS and love of JESUS.

Second, I would love to remind everyone that we must be careful in what we say and do. If we aren’t partnering to build the KINGDOM of GOD, and what we are about to say isn’t encouraging others or lifting up the name of JESUS, then we may need to just be quite. Too many people have been hurt by the “church” professionals and this needs to stop. Remember that GOD didn’t call any of us to judge, that is HIS job. We should simply be reminding others daily of HIS love, mercy and grace.

I am sure that each of you know people that have been pushed away from church because they were different or didn’t seem to fit in the “Social Club” setting. Why not reach out to them and let them know that they are the very ones that JESUS died for. Why not tell them that we, the church, still have a lot to learn about sharing love, grace, mercy and forgiveness? I will say as we remember the very first two commandments, and put them into action, we will see a whole different world. (II Chronicles 7:14)

Please take time to share this with your friends and family. It is easy to make a difference, all we have to do is put HIS plan into action.

Be blessed, my friends!
Johnathan Bond

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