Testimony Tuesday 8/25

Thursday, August 20, approximately 10:31 AM, my little grandgirl, Myla Danielle Bond was born into my life. 7.5 lbs of pure awesomeness! I first looked at her 10 little toes, and 10 little fingers, then at the rest of her beauty. I am so thankful and blessed to say that she is perfectly healthy in every single way. Her little breathing is perfect, her entire shape is perfect, completely and total perfection! I am so thankful for the blessings of GOD on the entire birthing process. Thankful that my Daughter in law, Krista, is healthy. Thankful that my son is so saturated with love for his family and his desire to take care of them. Little MacKenzie (Grandgirl #1) is so excited to be able to hold her little sister. I can tell you that I am so blessed with the greatness of GOD and HIS goodness on my family. I love how HE loves us!

Y’all, we all have so much to be grateful for, it is time we lift our voices of praise! Please take time to share your testimony or at least share this testimony with your friends. GOD certainly deserves our shouts of excitement and thanks!
Remember, in Revelations: They overcame by the blood of the LAMB and the words of their testimony. BLOOD + TESTIMONY = FREE

Johnathan Bond

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