Testimony Tuesday 11/3

The picture says it all! Several years ago, satan tried to destroy my family. However, through it all, GOD kept me and my son Markale Bond) close. Then GOD brought Krista Bond into our family, just at the right time. As though that wasn’t enough, in May 2012 I became Gampa to an awesome little girl, Mackenzie Bond. What an awesome blessing! Next came along little Myla, August 2015. I am so blessed!! Thank you GOD for loving me through my pain!

Maybe you are at a place in your life where you feel that everything has fallen apart. Maybe you are wondering where GOD is right now. Well, I have good news. HE is right there with you, in the midst of your hurt. HE hasn’t left you, and HE has not forgotten you. HE was never surprised by your situation or circumstance. The reason you don’t see a way out, is simply because HE hasn’t shown you just yet, but HE has made a way for you. HE has great plans to make you happy! Just stay focused on HIM. What what HE does!! Simply put, LOVE beyond measure!

Be blessed!
Johnathan Bond

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