Testimony Tuesday 11/18

Testimony Tuesday: Many of us have gone through some crazy storms in life. I, myself, have been told that satan has tried to destroy me through the storms. But, I have another view that I would love to share with you today, as part of my testimony. I have learned to believe that when storms come our way, it isn’t satan trying to destroy, but GOD bringing the storm to move us where HE needs us. Scripture says, “ALL things work together for the good of those that love the LORD and are called according to HIS purpose.” How can we know that GOD is able to heal from depression, if we don’t go through the experience? How can we tell others that HE can heal from cancer, if we never faced cancer? How can we say that the CREATOR of this world knows us by name, if we haven’t been to the place where have we heard HIM call out to us? My Facebook Friends, I testify today that GOD has a plan for each of us and HE will bring that plan to pass. With that being said, can I ask you to consider something, please? Take a moment right now to thank GOD for the storm that you are facing (or in the middle of). HE is positioning you to the exact place HE has prepared for you. What an EXCITING reminder! Have a great week! BLESSINGS ALL AROUND YOU!

Johnathan Bond

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