Testimony Tuesday 10/28

Testimony Tuesday: She said, “I was at my daughters house and we watched you on television as you told about having to go to driving school. I honestly laughed until my side hurt. When I found out you were going to be singing in our area, I told my daughter that I have got to go. I thought you were a Christian Comedian, so I came expecting to laugh the entire time. Well, I did laugh, but also couldn’t help but cry as you shared your testimony and other testimonies. I had no idea that GOD would use you to tear down walls that I had built up over the years. I am leaving here tonight knowing JESUS in a whole different way. I can honestly say that I now know HIM as my SAVIOR and as my FRIEND!” She is 68 years old. Now that is awesome stuff!! Thank you JESUS! Thank you WATC – Atlanta!

*Johnathan Bond

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