Testimony Tuesday 1/5

Today I was reminded of a dark time in my life. A period when I smiled to those all around me, but inside felt like GOD had pushed me away. Although I still lived my life for HIM, It felt as though I was no longer important to HIM. One day, during that time, I met two young guys, Jesse and Jordan. Without even being prompted, when I met them, I automatically shared my testimony with them. I shared how GOD had me in the palm of HIS hands even while the storms were all around me during the automobile accident. Later, I found out that one of the guys had never accepted JESUS as his LORD and SAVIOR. However, GOD had placed me there to water a seed that someone else had already planted long before. To make a long story short, I received a call from the guys inviting me to their church to sing. Both are now CHRISTIANS! What a blessing! I wanted to share this story with you for two reasons.

1) In my deepest, hardest and most painful battle, GOD loved through me and lives were affected eternally! Even when I didn’t know HE was guiding me.
2) When I was at my weakest, HE was still strong through me. HE taught me that, just like in Revelations, I too would be made and overcomer by the blood of the LAMB and the word of my testimony. Today, I am an overcomer and always will be. Not because of my strength, but simply because of HIS direction and power in me!

Maybe your are feeling like I did, somewhat like an evil step child or even an unwanted kid, simply existing. Maybe you feel like where you are now is where you will always be. Well, I have good news for you. GOD isn’t finished with you yet. HE still has great plans for you. I would love to encourage you to testify!! Shout to the world what GOD has done for you. Once you start doing this, I promise you that you will look around in just a short time and see that HE has brought you through yet again. HE loves you!

Please take time to share your testimony! He deserves the praise! Also, please take time to share this bit of GOOD NEWS with your friends and family. It is easy to make a difference to those around us, simply by showing HIS love. Not only will GOD be honored, your friends and family will be blessed, and you will be too!! Have a great Testimony Tuesday!

Johnathan Bond

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