Good Morning Lord

When a song is written, it is the desire of the songwriter that the song would be the tool that GOD uses to change the hearts of many people. I would love to share with you each month, information behind some specific Young Harmony songs. This month’s song is, “Good Morning Lord”

This song was written by John Lemonis & Marty Funderburk. When they sent us the song, I loved the message and the beat of the song, so we put the song in the ‘I think so” pile of songs to be recorded. Well, it made the cut. The bad thing, as much as we liked the song, I still didn’t see much ‘ministry’ in it. We recorded it and sent it out to radio, with me still feeling the same way. Just about 2 weeks after the release, I received a call from a lady in North Carolina. Here was the conversation: “My husband and I were married for many, many years. Every morning when we awoke we always said good morning to each other. He passed away just a month ago and I have found myself in a deep depression. I was so alone now. This morning as my alarm woke me up with good ole gospel music, I heard your song, Good Morning Lord. It was today, for the first time that I realized I wasn’t alone. GOD was here with me and now I am waking up with HIM! Thank you for your ministry. Your songs mean more than you could ever imagine!”

OH MY! This was awesome to hear. I just love how GOD does what HE does. When you stop and think that when the writer was allowing GOD to use his pen and his heart, GOD was preparing for this ladies need. AMAZING! Through this event, I learned that all songs that are lifting up HIS name are ministry, if we will allow them to be! THANK YOU GOD!

Here are the words to the song, Good Morning Lord

I verse:
I woke up this morning, with a thankful heart,
I could hardly wait for the day to start.
Now I never know what you have in store,
cause everyday is better than the day before.

Good Morning Lord, I see you’ve kept me through another night
Once again the sun is shining bright, it’s going to be a glorious day
Good Morning Lord, this is another day you’ve given me
I’m believing that it’s going to be, a Good Morning Lord

II verse:
I find brand new mercy, with each new dawn
You give me daily bread, so I can carry on
Before the day is done, I love you even more
That’s why I wake up singing, Good Morning Lord

Johnathan Bond
Young Harmony

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