God Has Not Forgotten You

When a song is written, it is the desire of the songwriter that the song would be the tool that GOD uses to change the hearts of many people. I would love to share with you each month, information behind some specific songs that appear or have appeared in the Singing News top 40. This month’s song is, “God Has Not Forgotten You.”

We were in concert with several other groups one Saturday evening. After the concert we all went to eat together, just a time for fellowship and food! AWESOME, huh? Anyway, as we (Young Harmony) left the restaurant that Saturday evening headed toward our scheduled Sunday morning service, GOD spoke to me to take the next exit and go to Hardee’s. I shared with Ginger what GOD had directed me to do. She laughed and said, “You know that it is after midnight, don’t you?” I just said that I too thought it was weird, but that is what GOD was directing me to do. As we pulled in Hardee’s, there wasn’t one car on the entire lot. We pulled around the building toward the exit. As we pulled around, we saw a payphone on the side of the parking lot and a man sitting on the curb with his head in his hands. As we pulled up, he raised up to see who was there. You could tell that he had been crying. I opened the door to the bus and just said, “Hey there.” He responded with, “God sent you, didn’t HE?” I told him yes. He went on to say, “I just said, GOD if you are real, would you send help my way.” He also shared with me, “Me and my wife are having major problems and I just don’t know what to do.” I asked if either of them were Christian and he said that they weren’t. I asked him to get in the bus and we went to their house. Both people gave their lives to JESUS! WOW!

Just think, when this man’s family was in bed, and probably no one was thinking of him, he was on the forefront of GOD’s mind! That is awesome! This just leads into the amazing song, with a tremendous reminder that, GOD Has Not Forgotten You! Please always remember that HE loves you so much and could never get you off of HIS mind!

Trust HIM!
I Verse:
You’re facing a hard time, your ropes at it end
You think you’ve lost your very last friend
I know it may seem that way, but there’ll be a brighter day
Cause GOD has not forgotten you..

GOD has not forgotten you
HE’s aware of what you’re going through
So you just keep holding on
Remember you’re not alone
GOD has not forgotten you

II Verse:
GOD has you on HIS mind, even today
Though you can’t see it now, HE’s making a way
And when it’s all said and done, you’re battle will be won
Cause GOD has not forgotten you

Johnathan Bond
Young Harmony

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