February “Member of the Month”

Hey everyone, it’s me TJ (Fan Club President). I wanted to let you know the winner of Fan Club Member of the Month. The Winner for Feburary Fan Club Member of the Month is Clay Norman here (at the bottom) is the e-mail that I received from a Clay. I was also wondering if anyone had any Ideas on the New Message Board and Photo Gallery that we are creating. Here is what we are doing. I would like to hear from you and if you would email your encounters with Young Harmony and what songs you like, etc. I will choose the most interesting email for each month and post that email on the website. That person will be named ‘Fan Club Member of the Month’ on the website and will win a Young Harmony CD, a $25 dollar gift card at the restaurant of their choice and be registered for an end of the year drawing for a large Christmas gift basket. Just send your email to TJ@YoungHarmony.com. You will receive one ‘Fan Club’ email each month. This is going to be fun.

Also: This month The YHFC is having a sale on all of the Young Harmony CDs. They will be $10.00, Go to www.youngharmonyfanclub.com/ads/mar07.htm to print of the coupon. We also have YH Ring Tones available for free on our download page. Check them out.

Winning Email: 

Hi. This is Clay Norman. I live in Quitman, LA, and am 14 years also. Here’s my experience: Young Harmony recently visited my church to hold a concert. They began their singing and I was enjoying it the whole time. Then, there was a pause, Johnathan began to share his many testimonies. They were so awesome. Once the concert was over, I wanted to talk to them, and get to know them a little better. Johnathan and Ginger live for the Lord, and have a place in Heaven. Once I began talking to them, I mentioned something about their tour bus; of which I wanted to take a tour. They are such down to earth people, that they actually took my family and I on a short tour of the bus. That goes to show how “here” they are. Thank the Lord for Johnathan and Ginger Bond!
-Clay Norman

TJ Green

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