ACCEPTED as performed by Ginger Bond and Young Harmony

(verse 1)
In my heart, I thought I’d never measured up,
A long way from ever being good enough
And I lived my whole life haunted by regret,
Overwhelmed by failures that I could not forget

(verse 2)
Then I met a Man who knew me inside out
He showed me what mercy was all about
He took me as I was, when I gave Him my heart
Then I ran into the shelter of His open arms, now I’m

Accepted, because of God’s love
I’m forgiven, washed in the blood
There is freedom from my past, healing from the pain
No longer bound by my guilt and shame
“Cause I’m accepted
(verse 3)
You may think your life is a long lost cause
But Jesus loves you so much that He gave His all
And His amazing grace will be your victory
Let Him do for you, what He’s done for me, So you can say – I’m

These are the words of a song from our latest project, “Johnathan & Ginger”. Ginger sings the message to let everyone know that JESUS loves them AND will accept them no matter where they have been or done! PRAISE GOD for that! I didn’t write it based on what I had heard and Ginger doesn’t sing it based on what she thinks, we both are examples of the song. HE accepted us when we weren’t worth the time in others eyes. PRAISE GOD!

Just for the record, Ginger’s birthday is May 29 (Thursday) and she will be ___ years old. (my numbers aren’t working properly – I guess…lol) Anyway, if you would like to email her directly, you can reach her at

Also, in honor of Ginger’s birthday, we have set up a coupon for the online store. If you purchase $25 or more in product, you can use coupon code YH0529 and receive $5 off of your purchase. This coupon expires June 5, 2008.
Thank you all for your friendship over the years. We have been truly blessed to have met each of you.
Your friend

Johnathan Bond
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