You’re A Winner

This poem was written by Jerry Watkins on 1/22/08 (the last night of revival)

You’re A Winner
GOD knows just what we need
Before we think to ask
He always has a hand to lend
When HE offers us a task

HE said HE would never forsake us
Nor leave us all alone
But would be there to strenghen and comfort us
Whe we are called away from home

The greatest witness that we have
Is by the life we live
And is shown throughout our daily walk
By the love to others we give

You have a wonderful ministry
And your touching many souls
It shows by the way you present yourselves
That living for GOD is your goal

We have had a wonderful week
And you really are two winners
We love and appreciate you very much
From Rogers Chapel to Johnathan & Ginger

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