Yes HE Can!


CHATTANOOGA, TN — A book filled with testimonies of that GOD has allowed author Johnathan Bond to be part of, “Yes HE Can” will encourage your faith and inspire you to share your own stories of what God has done in your life. The author was in a major auto collision and pronounced dead at the scene, but God pulled him through.

“I would love to see people’s faith in God strengthened by reading this book,” says Bond. “When our faith is strong, nothing is impossible! Readers will gain a heightened trust as they read the miracles that God is still doing today. When you consider that the very one who created the earth has time to reach into the lives of mere failures like us—that is newsworthy!”

Bond says he wrote the book to remind “everyone, everywhere” of the many miracles that Jesus did when He walked the earth, and to let people know that He is still doing miracles today.

Johnathan Bond, has traveled in Music Ministry for the past twenty four years. He has been asked to share Testimonies and some of the heart tugging songs that he has written all across the Nation and abroad. You will know him by many of the songs that he has written, one being the 2007 Dove Nominated Song of the Year, ‘GOD’s Still GOD.’ Also, I am sure that you have heard many other songs that Young Harmony is known for such as, ‘When Jesus Prays’, ‘Movin’ On’, ‘Let It Go’. ‘I Need Your Grace’, and their powerful reminder, ‘All He’s Done For Me’. When asked about his calling, he simply says, I am called of GOD to go into the entire world, sharing the Good News of JESUS CHRIST in both song and testimony.

You can pick this 126 page book up at, Barnes & Noble, Family Christian Bookstores, Wal-mart, along with and others. Order yours today, and enjoy watching your faith grow.

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