When Jesus Prays

When JESUS Prays: (Johnathan Bond / Tony Wood / Jim Brady)

I can tell your in a valley, fighting for your life.
You smile through your tears, as though everything’s alright.
You’re wondering if your all alone, but friend I have good news.
JESUS is with the FATHER, interceding for you

satan has desired to sift you as wheat,
JESUS is praying that your faith will not get week.
No matter how hard the wind blows, or how high the waves
satan doesn’t stand a chance, when JESUS prays!

Down through the ages, the story’s still the same
for those who believe, there’s a struggle that remains.
But if you’ll keep you eye’s on JESUS and trust HIS word is true,
Like HE’s done many times before, HE will bring you through!

We wrote this song asking GOD to use our pens as instruments so that lives would be changed through our music. I pray, no matter what may be going on, we all realize that we are not alone. JESUS is praying with us, sitting at the right hand of the FATHER!!! How can we not be brought through, delivered, and strengthened?
(Now that will preach!)

GOD’s blessings on you and yours,

Johnathan Bond
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