Thank You!!!

Hey guys, can you believe that it is the middle of April already? WOW, amazing just how time is moving forward. When people ask my age, I keep wanting to say 26, however in fact I have to remind myself that I am 40. Where did time go? Well, actually that is the reason for me contacting you.

First, I would love to take the time to say to you THANK YOU! Ginger and I have traveled for 12 years now as Young Harmony. We have gone from church, to church, to church sharing the wonderful news of JESUS in both song and word form. You have always allowed us to be part of your church families over and over. THANK YOU! Your love has made a difference in our lives, in more ways than you could know! THANK YOU!

Second, a couple of years ago, as Ginger and I were headed to Knoxville, TN, we passed a man walking, he looked to be in his mid 50’s or so. I really felt led of GOD to offer him a ride, so of course, I did. He was headed toward Knoxville also, and showed appreciation for the lift. We made a little small talk as we were traveling and he said to us, “I am homeless and trying to get back to where I belong.” At that point, I just asked him, “I hope you don’t mind me asking, but how did you get here? (Homeless and all) He shared with us something totally unexpected from either Ginger or me. He began, “Ten years ago I owned my own company, things were great for me and my family. I was married to the most beautiful lady and GOD had blessed us with a darling little girl. But six years ago, I had already arrived at work and my wife was taking our little girl to elementary school. A guy drinking while driving sped through a stop sign, hitting my wife’s automobile. Both my wife and little girl were killed that day. I suddenly lost two of the most important people in my life. I began gradually loosing my mind and then lost my company and everything that I owned. Nothing was important to me anymore. I have just reached the place that I am able to say GOD is restoring my life mentally. I know someday that I will see my family again, but until then, GOD still has a plan for me.” There was no holding back the tears! When we arrived in the Knoxville area, he began to thank us for caring enough to reach out to him. He then was on his way. WOW! There were some major lessons learned for Ginger and me.
– (1) Love, while your loved ones are here with you. There is no promise of a tomorrow for any of us.
– (2) Don’t judge someone because of their outward appearance. None of us really where many people have been nor what they may have gone through, and may still be going through.
– (3) Allowing GOD to direct our steps, we really can learn more about HIM and HIS love for each of us.

Last, GOD works in many ways and through many people that will let HIM! Today, someone sent this video clip to Ginger, then she forwarded it on to me. There is something that I would love for to ask. Would you take just a couple of minutes to watch this? If you will take the time and click on this link, I will assure you that you will see JESUS. There are many hurting people all in and around our lives, both in church and out. GOD will work through each of us to change the direction some people are going, if we will allow HIM to do so. HIS love will always make such a difference! Will you allow GOD to use you today to make a difference in someone’s life?

Thank you, and I pray GOD’s Blessing on all that you do for HIM!

Johnathan Bond
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