Testimony Tuesdays 12/2

Testimony Tuesday:
When Doctors said no, GOD said YES
When Friends said probably not, GOD said ABSOLUTELY
When Society said it’s not going to happen, GOD said it WILL
When Churches said not here, GOD said I have a better PLAN

I am so thankful that when others have said no, GOD has said YES, and HE made a way! HE ALWAYS has our best interest at heart, even when others say NO! I love that he knows all of my faults and failures, and yet loves me more than anyone can understand. HE wouldn’t take anything or anyone for me. You guys are his 2nd favorite! smile emoticon I believe people need to be reminded of GOD’s Goodness and Grace! We can remind them by sharing HIS love with others (and maybe sharing this facebook reminder). Thanks for your friendship on Facebook. Blessings in all that you guys do! Have a great Testimony Tuesday!

Johnathan Bond

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