Testimony Tuesday 9/30

Testimony Tuesday: About 6 months ago a Pastor called me asking if I would meet with he and his wife. He said they were on the brink of divorce. This was NOT something I wanted to do, simply because of personal issues in my past. I asked GOD to close the door if that would be his will, by maybe letting them call someone else, however…that door never closed. So, I met with them, sat and listened to what both said. I asked questions and just followed GOD. I reminded them that satans goal was to kill, still and destroy them and everyone close to them. I reminded them that even if satan was successful in making the divorce come to pass, he wouldn’t stop there. I pushed with hard questions and was straight to the point, but with love. The session lasted a little more than 3 hours. When I left, they both said they appreciated me taking the time to sit down with them, and the ministry GOD had placed me in. But the breakthrough just never seemed to happen. Well, this past week the pastor AND his wife called. They said that GOD broke the chains that were pulling them apart. Pastor said he was more in love with his wife now, than he had ever been. The wife echoed the same sentiments. She also said that she knew why GOD had them to call me for help. I am so thankful to share that GOD is an ever present help for those who turn to HIM. On the personal side, I can’t pretend to understand everything that HE does, but HE has proven HIMSELF over and over again! HE is still GOD!! Thank you LORD for your blessings! Y’all, be sure to take the time to share what GOD has done for you. HE deserves your praises! I pray blessings on each and everyone who reads this praise report!
Johnathan Bond

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