Testimony Tuesday 9/23

Testimony Tuesday: I was walking the other evening and passed what looked like a nickle on the ground. Because of my germ phobia and how dirty that coin was, I didn’t think twice about walking right past it. However, for some reason, GOD spoke to me to turn around an pick it up. When I picked it up, I realized it was not a nickle, but a Susan B Anthony Coin ($1). GOD spoke to me immediately about two things. 1) We, as people, were dirty, but HE didn’t walk past us. HE stopped, and took time to clean us up. 2) We didn’t look like we were worth very much in this worlds eye, but to HIM, we were worth EVERYTHING. Thank you GOD for not walking past me, and taking the time to show me my worth! YOU are amazing! Friends, when we look at others, or talk to others, please remember they too are valuable to GOD. HE created each and every person. Lets take time to show HIS love as we share what HE has done in our lives! Have a blessed Tuesday!

*Johnathan Bond

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