Testimony Tuesday 9/16

Testimony Tuesday: I was at Opry Mills Mall and heard a little boys voice, “Mr. Johnathan, Mr. Johnathan”. I turned and a 12 year old boy (whom I didn’t really recognize) ran up to me and hugged me. His mother and dad were with him and just laughed. His mother said, “When I said, ‘Is that Johnathan Bond’ he started running”. She said, “He listens to your Testimony CD all of the time and so he knows you by name.” When she said that I smiled, but almost cried instantly, so touched!! The phrase, “He knows you by name” made me think of the love that GOD has for each of us, but even more narrowed, his love for me! HE created billions and billions of people and yet still knows me by name. Now that is awesome! If you are ever feeling unimportant or insignificant, just remember you are the very reason that GOD sent HIS SON, JESUS! You are very special to HIM! So special that HE knows you by name. Take some time to spend with HIM today. HE longs for your touch, just as much (or more) as you long for HIS. Enjoy the day. Blessings!

Johnathan Bond

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