Testimony Tuesday 8/5

Just last week some of my past failures became part of my present pain, emotionally. Remembering II Corinthians 2:11, I called out to God and simply said, ” Lord, I need your help, please.”. I asked him to take the situation and circumstance and change either them, or me.

I then turned on XM radio and GOD began to speak to me through Pastor TD Jakes! He said, and I quote, “You have loaned yourself to many others in their time of need, however you have neglected to lean on them in your time of need. GOD says that you have been healed from your past and you need to be reminded of that.” He continued to say, “When you see the scars of your past, your more reminded that pain that put those scars there. But what you should be remembering is the healing from the hurt. Just because you’re in ministry does not mean you will not struggle with issues. It simply means that you know where to find the answer for that struggle!” THANK YOU GOD for always supplying a timely message! AMAZING!

I am thankful to know that it doesn’t matter which way the wind blows, as long as I know the master of the wind. If you are struggling with past decisions or issues, remind yourself that you can’t change what was, but you can certainly trust in WHO is! HE will take your past and use it for your good in your present! Blessings my friends!

Johnathan Bond

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