Testimony Tuesday 8/2

 He was walking down the highway, carrying a backpack and a garbage bag full of clothes. I pulled over, asking where he was going. He said he was headed to Columbus OH, put his stuff in the back seat of my car and got in the front. I noticed that he was crying, so I simply asked, “Why the tears?”. He began to share with me, “I have always lived with my grandparents, until about a year ago. My grandfather died a year ago and now my grandmother is in a nursing home and doesn’t even know me now. My dad is drowning in alcohol and my mother is so caught up with her 4th live in boyfriend, and doesn’t have time for me. I only have one brother, and he doesn’t even want to be around me. I have no one, no friends or family. I am worthless.” I pulled off of the interstate, reached in my pocket and pulled out a $20 bill and $1 bill. I said to him, “If I were to show these two bills to my 4 year old little grandgirl, MacKenzie, she wouldn’t know the value difference. However, just because she doesn’t know the value difference, doesn’t mean it actually changes the value.” I went on to say, “Same as with you and your family, just because they don’t see your value, doesn’t change your actual worth. You are worth more than you realize. GOD has great plans for your life and HE knows where you are. You will first have to take your focus off of what you don’t have and focus on who and what you do have. HE will show you that you are extremely valuable and HE will also direct your path into good things.” This young man (about 22 years old) immediately reached over in the car and hugged me. He said, “You have no idea just how much I needed to meet you.” I said, “I didn’t set this meeting up and you didn’t set this up. GOD arranged our meeting simply because HE knows your every need and will always be there for you.” After we stopped to eat, I took him on to Lexington OH and put him on a bus to Columbus.

I would like to remind each of you the very same thing. You are more valuable than you will ever know. I want to remind you that JESUS felt that we were worth HIS life, and gave it willingly so that we could have a better life. If I painted a picture of a lady, it may or may not sell for a mere $25 dollars, but Leonardo da Vinci painted a picture of Mona Lisa and has sold for over $100 million dollars. It isn’t just about the actual beauty of the picture, but also about the majesty of creator. Don’t ever forget that you are extremely valuable and should always carry yourself as though.

Thanks for sharing this with your family and friends. We can always make a difference when we reach out with love.

Have a great Testimony Tuesday
Johnathan Bond

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